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Statue Report _English Version


On 4th of May in Alexandria of Egypt in Shallalat Gardens, during the excavation held by the Hellenic Research Institute of Alexandrian Civilization in a depth of 8mts and among Hellenistic debris, a marble statue was found.


Height :0,80m



Head and body are in a very good condition, except a slight damage in the nose. From the legs the part under the knees is missing. There is a part of the right arm of 0,16m till the elbow, while the left arm is missing completely.




The statue represents a naked young man in “Jason pose” in a form of classical contra posto.

The head has the neck turned to the left and there is also an upward aspiring glance of the eyes, typical characteristics of the heroic portraits of Alexander the Great, made by Lyssipos and his school.

In the top of the head and forehead there are two headbands as royal symbols. The initial study of the statue gives a chronology at the early Hellenistic period.

Further study of it will give us more evidence and information.


For the H.R.I.A.C


Calliope Limneos-Papakosta

Excavation Director