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Hellenic Research Institute of Alexandrian Civilization

The Hellenic Research Institute of the Alexandrian Civilization has organized and carried out excavations in the area of Shallalat Gardens of Alexandria since 2007. The results of the project are significant due to the fact that this area was considered to be abandoned and empty of antiquities.



However, the discovery of a  unique statue of the early Hellenistic period, depicting Alexander the Great and the foundations of a huge Ptolemaic construction at a depth of 10m, has allowed us to consider that we are about to reveal one of the famous public buildings of the Royal Quarter of Hellenistic Alexandria.

Furthermore, the discovery of a well curved tunnel, built during a post Hellenistic period, has made the research even more interesting.

The excavation is currently in progress and new evidence will hopefully add new elements to our knowledge so far regarding the topography of the Hellenistic Great City.