New Date Announcement

   International Workshop

Organized By:

The Hellenic Research Institute of the Alexandrian Civilization (H.R.I.A.C.)

To be held on : 9,10,11 November 2021

in the Hellenic Research Institute of the Alexandrian Civilization premises, in Shatbi and

in the Alexandria National Museum in Alexandria, Egypt


The Hellenic Research Institute of the Alexandrian Civilization (H.R.I.A.C.) is a well-established archaeological research and scientific entity operating in Alexandria, Egypt.The institute has been conducting research and an excavation expedition in the City of Alexandria since 2000.

After 20 years of excavation, study and research, the institute management will be hosting a discussion regarding the most precious finding of the H.R.I.A.C. excavation project leaded by the director of the Institute, Mrs. Calliope Limneos-Papakosta.

In 2009, the excavation team discovered a state-of-art Hellenistic marble statue of Alexander the Great. The statue represents a standing naked man in a form of classical contraposto, with one foot raised. Head and torso are in a very good condition, but the part of the legs under the knees is missing. However, 7 years after the discovery of the statue, the right fist of the marble sculpture was unearthed. The features, attributes and stylistic analysis of the statue are connected with the portraiture of Alexander the Great.

We would be honored to welcome you to our workshop, where we will be discussing and analyzing the style and the characteristics of this work of art.


Our podium speakers:

Dr. Fredrik Hiebert.

Dr. Mona Haggag

Mr. Ahmed Abdelfatah

Mrs. Calliope Limneos-Papakosta


Looking forward to your attendance and participation in the workshop.