The HRIAC is the result of the approach of two worlds and the materialization of the vision of the first Hellenic Archaeological mission in Alexandria.

It is a non-profit organization whose goals arew the following:

  • The reinforcement, by every means, of the Archaeological and Historical Research and Study of the Ancient Alexandria.
  • The broad Archaeological Research and Study of the Hellenic Civilization, everywhere in the world and outside the Hellenic Country and especially the Research and the Study of the Hellenistic Alexandrian Period.
  • Ethnological and Athropological Studies.
  • The creation of a library containing all the relevant Alexandrian Bibliography.
  • Organizing seminars and congresses concerning subjects of the Hellenistic Period.
  • Immediate cooperation with the Hellenic and Egyptian universities for a complete and in detail study.
  • The reinforcement of relationships of Hellenic and Egyptian archaeology scientists.
  • The granting of scholarships to Hellenic and Egyptian archaeology students, for specialized studies based on the Hellenistic Alexandrian Period.

Curriculum Vitae

Calliope Limneos-Papakosta

Born in Athens, in Greece
Studies:Bachelor’s degree  in Classical Archaeology, University of Athens
             PhD candidate Corfu University
Director of Hellenic Research Institute Of Alexandrian Civilization (H.R.I.A.C)
Head of the Excavation Research in Alexandria, in Egypt since 2000